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Ibraheem Zamzami Office
Law Firm
Our Goals
The legal profession career solemn its sanctity and mission-Semitism, which is a liberal profession of the judiciary involved in the achievement of justice, The lawyer partner to the judge in access to power justly, considering that they both always looking for the truth and because both have the goal of a single great, is the administration of justice, and uphold the word right in society and in the human struggle for life and continued his struggle in warding off threats on his life and his money and his freedom, dignity and display. But a full-time to achieve these strategic objectives for the legal profession is difficult in light of the administrative difficulties faced by the Office of managing customer files, hand files issues and financial matters and communication with customers and with the office staff alike. There is no doubt that the goals need to be an effective technique mechanisms make them unrealized, second Vbaksour do not see the brighter of the first. As well as the presence of homogeneous targets without owning high-tech with leads us to the parallel lines never meet, and that the correct technique is to move the fuel and targets to achieve the desired end.
Our strategy
Therefore, the Office application management law firms, "the lawyer system", which serves the office and customers equally. With respect to the office service, the new system allows us to communicate with customers via SMS and management of their personal files and files related issues. The system will also send text messages to the client when any action to add and automatically. Also, the new system to provide a complete picture of the financial records of clients and follow-up customers who are in arrears automatically send them directly through their mobile phones. As for the customers, the new system can then enter your user name and password access to all issues related to their accounts, as well as access to all the measures that have been taken with the review of the financial record of the amounts that have been paid under the account issue
Our mission and our values

Our mission

Advocacy on behalf of another in front of the courts and the Office of the Ombudsman and committees formed to engage in legitimate and regulatory consulting and drafting of contracts and to take the necessary documented procedures

Our values

First private work to God Almighty and know and believe that he sees us and judge us Secondly honesty into account when contracting with our clients

Our services
Liquidation of estates
The Office shall carry out all measures and actions necessary for the settling of estates, and distributed to the beneficiaries, according to the shares of legitimacy.
Environmental issues
The Office shall caused by industrial waste and environmental pollution, hazardous waste issues, and claim appropriate compensation, in accordance with the provisions of the environmental system, and international agreements ratified by the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Real Estate Issues and expropriation
Office provides a leading legal service in real estate disputes, arguments and issuing become established, as well as compensation expropriation of real estate issues in the public interest.
foreign industrial investment services
Office provides all legal services required by and you need her embassies and consulates, and diplomatic missions.
Patent rights
The Patent Office with the competent authorities and bodies within and outside the Kingdom registration, and addressing any attack of their own.
Establishment and registration of commercial companies
The establishment of the office all types of commercial companies, and recorded, and the formulation of its founding and supplements adjusted decades, and the preparation of their statutes.
Judicial representation
Office the task of judicial representation in civil, commercial, financial and banking, administrative and criminal cases, and accompanying and defending clients before various judicial authorities, such as courts and public partial, various administrative departments, courts, and judicial committees and quasi-judicial. The company also set up interceptors regulations, appellate, and grievances and various correspondences
Registration agencies, labels, trade names
The Office shall register agencies, trademarks and names the competent authorities service, and to provide statutory protection for the name, tag, and the agency registered trade, by addressing and litigation on the bodies of the aggressor, and imitations, and counterfeit.
Preparation and review of contracts and agreements
The Bureau shall prepare and review contracts and agreements that the client is a party, and through the selection of consultants and specialists in various types of contracts, including contracts for posts, finance and investment, contracting and others.
Provide legitimacy and legal advice in various fields
The Office shall prepare and submit specialized legal advice, whether written or oral in urgent circumstances, in different areas and systems.
Auctions - judicial management
The Office auctions management, judicial, and do all the necessary pre-trial proceedings to obtain the consent competent judicial authorities be set up and tuned in accordance with the regulations
General courses
The Office shall provide specialist courses in law and legal conditioning and computer related crimes control and public awareness education
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